Mobile devices play an important role in our lives

Wearables Security to Go

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Awesome Features

Contactless Payments

In company canteen/event locations/swimming pool

Loyalty Programs

All retail stores - eGate access at public transport

Airport Check-in

Digital airline ticket on wearable

Single Sign-on

At company's environment (Notebooks, PC)

Physical Access

At school, front door, office

Secure Authentification

In online banking application and with smart home solution

Bike anti-theft solution

In combination with vehicle

Replacement for car key

Secure online logins

With 3-factor authentification

Connectivity Services

For voice, data, tariff plan, subscriptions

Panic Button

For people in distress

Transportation signing

For electronic money transfer


This is Mobile devices

Reliance on "to go"
  • Storage
  • Identification / Authentification
Convenient Access
  • Transport Ticketing / Parking
  • Boarding Passes
  • Enablement "overlay"
  • Meets Need of Secure Convenient Mobility

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