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You can now get a fully functional International Stored Value Debit Card with no hassles, no credit checks and no checking account requirements.

The Square 1™ Stored Value Debit Card offered by Square 1™ empowers people to be better citizens, affords them a safer, more secure means of controlling their finances versus carrying cash and helps them to be more efficient consumers. The "un-banked", "under-banked", credit challenged, employers, associations and groups, as well as everyone else, can benefit.

The Square 1™ Stored Value Debit Card has applications that are absolutely infinite. Payroll, commissioned sales, reimbursements, colleges, advertising expenses, promotions, banking, financial and virtually every industry we know today is being dramatically transformed.

Endless possibilities for real-time transactions are: Employer to Employee (payroll), Consumer to Consumer (card to card), Consumer to Business, Business to Business, and Business to Consumer.

We encourage you to further investigate our Square 1™ Stored Value Debit Card and invite you to take advantage of all it has to offer.

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